Central Heating

central_heating_shadCentral Heating

• Central heating system service and repairs
• Radiator replacement
• Valve-fitting
• System cleaning or flushing



Central Heating Service & Repair

Do you find cold spots in your radiators or poor circulation around the home? Do your radiators need persistent bleeding? Have your radiators been removed whilst redecorating and not performed adequately since? A build-up of unpleasant sludge within the pipes and radiators can also cause various problems. The many different metals found in central heating systems, mixed with water, heat and oxygen can cause chemical reactions that spell trouble unless your system has been loved from day one.

A comprehensive central heating health check will identify any problem areas and the solution that will work best whether replacing a valve, replacing/updating one or more radiators or conducting a full system clean or power flush.

A ‘power flush’ removes contamination and acid sludge from the central heating system. Once cleaned, it can then be refilled and corrosion inhibitor added to prevent future issues.

The addition of magnetised filters improves system efficiency significantly. These attract debris from the pipes and radiators enabling easy removal of a cartridge for cleaning and further chemical dosing. Please enquire about your suitability for having one fitted.

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