• Boiler Servicing
• Breakdowns and fault-finding
• Boiler replacement



Boiler Servicing & Breakdowns

Routine boiler servicing will help maintain the reliability and longevity of your boiler. It reduces the risk of breakdowns, prevents unpleasant, even harmful and potentially costly oil leaks and ensures the boiler’s peak efficiency. On completion, a flue gas analysis reading will be printed and attached to the boiler for future reference. Any immediate or longer term issues relating to the overall system will be pointed out on that analysis. An oil tank review will also be carried out to check for rust, cracks, leaks, filtration and oil supply and advise on possible improvements or potential hazards.
All work is carried out to the individual manufacturers and industry guidelines.

Boiler breakdowns can cause worry even in the height of summer as we all still need our hot water. Breakdowns can be attended to at short notice.

Boiler replacement – should your boiler need replacing altogether I can provide expert guidance on the right boiler for your home and order and install the appliance.


Boiler Efficiency

Did you know that even a regular straightforward clean can improve your boiler’s efficiency by as much as 5%? The cleanliness of the incoming fuel also makes a huge difference to the reliability of the boiler.
Whilst the scheduled replacement of parts can be hard to justify except in extreme circumstances, to ensure your boiler continues to operate at 100% it is standard practice to replace the nozzle, the flexible oil hose and also the oil filter element if required. I carry a very comprehensive stock of spare parts to cover the vast majority of problems, so it is very unlikely you would be left waiting in the cold for spares to arrive.

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